Federal launches the new Xplora R/T!

Federal Xplora RT Launch WEB BANNER


The Xplora R/T is loaded with features and benefits ready to take on any challenge! This tyre produces a Herculean off-road experience with a delicate balance of roadside manners. The plus styled sidewall design provide drivers the optimum balancing act for on and off-road excursions. Vigorous durability off-road, diminished noise on-road, with incredible styling no matter where you venture.

– Enhanced fatigue – resistant compounds
– Stone ejectors
– Open shoulder grooves
– Technologically advanced computer modelling for optimized tread pitch variation, perfectly placed tread sipes, and tread block alignment.
– Linear centre tread blocks

– Protect tyre from chips/cuts/rocks/other debris
– Prevent stone retention causing premature wear and failure
– Keep tyres self cleaning; evacuate water, mud, dirt, off-road debris
– Greatly reduced noise
– Enhanced on-road straight line stability

– Ensure long life of tyre by preventing early failure due to off – road use
– Provide confident traction in any condition
– Provide a more civilized, comfortable, smooth, quiet ride
– Excellent and more predictable handling with easy ride comfort




Great team, always helpful and always get the job done quickly and right first time. Highly recommended!
Steve Hampson
Awesome service, helpful, dedicated and know their stuff. Thanks guys.
Misty Dawn Bettridge
After being told by the car dealer they had sorted the tyres on the ute it was still running rough so dropped it into Dave and the team who were happy to take a look. New set of good quality slick tyres with an alignment and she drives like a dream.
Ange Sutton
Want to thank the awesome service and care Professional tyres did for my car yesterday Not only did i find out my tyres were incorrectly installed and wrong sizing by our previous supplier but my wheel alignment was way out as well, also done by prev
Nicky Manihera

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