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We stock a wide range of vehicle tyres and tyre sizes from a comprehensive list of manufacturers, including Nankang, Nitto, Cooper, Advanti, Nitofill and Neuton tyres. From premium brand tyres to lower priced, all of our tyres are available to buy  in store.

At Professional Tyres Automotive, we do more than just fit tyres. Using high-tech equipment, we can also provide wheel alignment services.

Whatever your choice – from the economic to premium brand car tyres – you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that you bought  at the best available price. You can also be confident that a professional, highly trained and dedicated tyre fitting team will fit your tyres – and at a time and a branch that suits you!

We sell car, 4×4, van and motor-home tyres. See above for our many brands to suit your needs and pricing.

4×4 vehicles make tackling the most hostile terrains look easy. Whilst the 4-wheel drive transmission plays a large part in making this happen, using the right 4×4 tyres can mean the difference between reaching the top of the hill and being left stuck in the mud!


 NZ Wet Weather Driving Tips

Driving in wet weather conditions can be hazardous and the effects of wet weather on driving should not be underestimated. Wet weather conditions can greatly reduce visibility and excess water on the roads greatly increases the risk of aquaplaning. Most importantly, braking distances can increase by a factor of two compared to dry road surfaces.

Overall, accidents are twice as likely to happen in wet road conditions, however if you prepare for the wet weather you have a much better chance of staying safe.

Our wet weather driving tips should help you to prevent or reduce the risk of an accident:

Slow down

Rain can create slick, slippery road surfaces which are a major cause of skidding. Skidding can be avoided if you slow down. If you drive at slower speeds more of the tyres surface is in contact with the road which allows the tyre tread to make better contact with the road enabling better traction and grip.

Keep your distance

Wet weather conditions can almost double the braking distance compared to dry conditions so more distance is required to stop. Keeping your distance from the vehicle in front will help prevent an accident.

Test your brakes

Driving through standing water on roads can impact the effectiveness of your brakes. If you have driven through deep water apply the brakes lightly to let them dry and to test that they are working properly.